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Helicopter Flying Lessons

Helicopter Flying Lessons

Gaining your PPL(H)Gaining your Private Pilots Licence (Helicopters) - PPL(H)

Bickerstaffe Aviation has recently acquired the facility under Joint Aviation Requirements (JAR) and is approved to teach and examine the Joint Aviation Authority (JAA) Private Pilots Licence (Helicopters) - PPL (H) syllabus.

This comprises a minimum of 45 hours training, of which a minimum of 25 hours dual and 10 hours solo must be flown.

You must also complete at least 5 hours of cross country flight, including one flight of at least 100 nautical miles, with full stop landings at two different aerodromes.

Robinson 44Our Helicopters

The Robinson R22 is used for the PPL (H) or if preferred there is an option to train in a Robinson R44.

The aircraft are maintained to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) standards