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Helicopter Flying Lessons - Requirements

Helicopter Flying Lessons
Private Pilots Licence (Helicopters) Requirements

Helicopter Flying Lessons - RequirementsSeven multiple choice exams must be passed before the end of the course in each subject:

Air law and Operational Procedures
Rules, regulations and privileges relevant to the holder of a PPL, rules of the air, air traffic regulations and services, visual flight rules and flight safety.

Helicopter Principles of Flight –
Airframe, Powerplant, Systems, Instruments and Principles of Flight. This exam is in two parts, Part 1 is a written paper, and Part 2 is an oral test, with your examiner on the day of your PPL Skill test.

Flight Performance and Planning
Mass and Balance, Aircraft Performance.

Human Performance and Limitations
Basic Physiology, Basic Psychology, Judgement and Decision making relevant to flight Operations.

Covering all aspects of Aviation Weather.

Navigation and Radio Aids
Covering all aspects of navigation and includes radio aids for

JAR-FCL Communications (PPL)

Radio Telephony procedures as applied to PPL (H)

Helicopter Flying Requirements The validity of the “Communications” written examination is 12 months, however, when this examination has been passed together with all of the PPL written examinations in an 18 month period it will remain valid for license issue for a period of 24 months from the date of passing the last PPL examination. All theoretical knowledge examinations must have been completed before taking the skill test.

Bickerstaffe Aviation can supply all the recommended manuals, aeronautical charts and flight equipment and assist with ground school for the examinations.

There is no maximum age. Before any flying time can count towards obtaining a licence, you must be 14 years of age. To go solo, you must be 16 and 17 before you can apply for your licence.